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Guide for Authors

Authors are recommended the following general composition of manuscripts:


Materials and methods

Results and discussion

Conclusion and concluding remarks



To submit a manuscript for publishing in the Pacific Geography Journal, please use this manuscript template. It is most optimal just to insert ready-made text into this template with the option “insert text only”.

Manuscripts are submitted by e-mail to the address pac_geogr@tigdvo.ru with cover letters, originally signed, in PDF or JPG file format.

The editorial board reserves the right not to consider manuscripts that violate the set rules above.

The editors send the manuscript submitted by the Author(s) to specialists in the relevant field (Doctor of Science, PhD) for peer review. Peer review period is up to 1.5 months. In case of receiving a negative review or a review containing recommendations for revising the manuscript, it is sent to the Author(s) back for revision. Names of reviewers are not disclosed.

After revision and eliminating the shortcomings indicated by reviewers, Author(s) resend the manuscript to the editorial board. The editorial board registers the manuscript as newly received and reconsiders it.

If the Author(s) does not agree with the negative opinion of the reviewer, the manuscript is sent for re-examination to another specialist. Upon receipt of a second negative review, the editorial board stops working on the article.


Cover letter and accompanying documents

Together with the article, the author sends to the editorial board a cover letter signed by all the authors of the manuscript with their full names, which should contain the following text

Participants in the process of preparing a manuscript for publication should inform the editorial board about potential reasons for a conflict of interest, if any. The authors have the right to indicate in the cover letter the names of those specialists who, in their opinion, should not review the manuscript due to a possible, usually professional, conflict of interest. This information is strictly confidential and is taken into account by the editors when organizing the peer review process.

If necessary (for Russian authors), the cover letter is accompanied by a scanned version of an expert examination report on the possibility of publishing the manuscript in the open press.

Manuscripts that do not meet the established requirements are not processed.

The editorial office does not receive registered letters and parcels sent by ordinary mail.

The author(s) сan get a free copy of the journal with the printed manuscript at the editorial office. A free copy with the printed manuscript is sent to author(s) in other cities by ordinary mail at the expense of the editorial office.

All articles in the Pacific Geography journal are published free of charge and royalty-free.

Before sending materials to the editorial office, the Author(s) should independently check the manuscript using the ‘Antiplagiat’ System online and, if necessary, make the appropriate changes.